Praise for A Simple Machine, Like the Lever



"Self-consciously and without angst or sarcasm, Nick lives in the details. Narrating how carefully he rolls up his pants before a ride, explaining why he wears two pairs of socks instead of one, parsing the logic of his plan to win [his girlfriend] back—the simple machine here is not the bike. The machine the title references is Nick himself, and by extension, his quiet, elegantly dispassionate story."

–Virginia Thayer, Portland Mercury


“I’m tempted to say all kinds of irresponsible things about Evan P. Schneider’s first novel: that it’s the Catcher in the Rye of our time; that it’s the book that saves leisure-time fiction with an eye to the fact that making money and trying to survive on that money is the primary substance of most of our lives; that ‘If There’s One Book You Read This Decade, It Should Be This!’ If I said these things, I would risk being seen as engaging in the reviewer enthusiasm…But I loved this book. I think more people need to know about it. So what the hell.”

–Dennis James Sweeney, HTML Giant


“This unforgettable first novel effectively taps into bike culture—but on a deeper level it’s about the emotional and financial deficits faced by our recession-battered generation. The climactic scene…is both cathartic and haunting. The physical book itself is beautiful, complete with French flaps. Forget about using them for bookmarks, though—you won’t put this one down.”

Justin Hocking, author of The Great Floodgates of the Wonderworld


“Evan P. Schneider’s literary cycling uplift is enough to counteract the weight of the world. He nails the essence of being a cyclist, of being young—the yearning, the detachment, the attempted grace, the unsureness, the gray confusion.”

Jonathan Waldman, author of Rust: The Longest War


“Clever, poignant and unexpectedly funny, Evan P. Schneider’s A Simple Machine, Like The Lever masterfully evokes the simple pleasures—and harsh realities—of keeping to one’s ideals in a world where speed is revered and complexity is king.”

–David Rozgonyi, author of Goat Trees: Tales from the Other Side of the World


“Evan P. Schneider’s debut novel, A Simple Machine, Like a Lever, is exactly that: a deceptively simple, efficient, and potentially revolutionary machine. Like its co-protagonists—Nick and his bicycle—the novel cranks out quietly subversive, smart, and funny prose that crackles with insights on the current human condition; a book that, while never polemical, seduces you into fully re-examining the stuff of your life and somehow convinces you that the answer lies in reducing, reusing, and riding...just riding.”

Steven Church, Author of ONE WITH THE TIGER and The Guinness Book of Me: A Memoir of Record


“All the fresh pleasures of taking a bike ride are to be found in Evan P. Schneider’s A Simple Machine, Like the Lever. The novel is by turns innocent, lyrical, wistful, funny, and poignant. Necessity has made its observant narrator, Nick, hopelessly thrifty, but what has made him so bafflingly sweet? This economical novel is rich with mysterious compassion.”

Mary Rechner, author of Nine Simple Patterns for Complicated Women


“With sincere and engaging narration, Schneider unfolds the spirit and the flaws, the sorrows and the loves of an endearing character whose honest observations transcend the conventional cultural obsession with profit, convenience, and speed. Like a child lifted upon a teeter-totter, like a rider propelled upon a bicycle, the reader is carried back to the invaluable world one can never purchase, and given again the too-often forgotten splendors of everyday life.”

–Erzsébet Gilbert, author of Logodædaly, or, Sleight-of-Words



Praise for Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac

Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac is a philosophical love letter to life in the saddle. With enough lovingly laid-out maps, poems and pull-out postcards to quicken any self-respecting graphic designer's pulse, there are also literary profiles of cyclists and philosophical essays reflecting the true utilitarian nature of bike-riding.”



“For the silent soldiers of the bicycle army…this pocket-size pub targets its pedal-pumping demographic with literary-minded essays, poems, and interviews—a distinct and welcome change from the product-pushing focus of mainstream bike mags.”

UTNE Reader


“Until this morning, I couldn’t have begun to tell you what, precisely, a bicycling almanac entires. Now, I’m wondering how I’ve managed to go so long without such a thing, as a major proponent of both two-wheeled transport and small, well-packaged printed material...It’s the next best thing to coasting downhill with the wind in your hair, really."



Boneshaker is a slim, eclectic, and quirky pocketbook, designed as a companion for you and your bike. It is delightful.”

Momentum: The Magazine for Self-Propelled People


Boneshaker offers insights woven into clever and philosophical accounts of life as a cyclist...a genuine source of realization and knowledge and in many ways a call to arms. Its witty and intelligent prose empowers individual cyclists who may feel isolated. It is a survival guide and a source of inspiration.”

Mountain Flyer Magazine


“A joy to read and useful to boot. Pocket-sized, Boneshaker can be taken with you everywhere you go. There are several very insightful interviews that don’t ask the same questions every time, which I found to be refreshing. I give it a big thumb’s up—I’d give it two, but I’d have to put my copy down to do it!”

One Less Car